Sports Injuries

Sports Acupuncture

Smiling Body Sports Acupuncture has helped many athletes overcome stubborn and chronic sports injuries. Some of our top sports athletes, of many sporting disciplines have turned to Smiling Body Sports Acupuncture when conventional treatments have not worked for them. Acupuncture benefits sports people in the following ways.

Treatment of sports injuries

Sports Acupuncture is the number one treatment for sports injuries. It works at a deeper level than manual manipulation and it is a more accurate remedial therapy of acute and chronic injuries. Athletes report that they are often able to return to active training and competition sooner than would otherwise be possible with conventional therapies.

Injury Reduction

Certain athletes are prone to injuries and Smiling Body Sports Acupuncture treatments are an investment in a strong body. Acupuncture has always been a preventative treatment strengthening athletes and warriors in a deep and significant way, enabling them to train hard and have the stamina to complete their task of winning. Regular acupuncture treatments help keep the athlete’s body in balance, especially helping with the constant training and competition stresses. When your body is in balance, it is less susceptible to injury. This also allows for quicker recovery from competition.

Performance Enhancement

Athletes with a balanced body train more efficiently and effectively, which is the surest way to improve performance. In addition to improved physical performance Acupuncture also improves mental performance. Modern sports science tells us that correct mental attitude is vital to achieve sporting success. Because it is a holistic medicine, Smiling Body Sports Acupuncture works on the mind, body and spirit equally. Therefore, by including acupuncture as part of sports preparation, the athlete can achieve the highest possible performance levels in their chosen sport.

if you would like to eliminate a persistent injury that has been holding you back or if you want help to become less injury prone or if you just want to improve your general performance.

Smiling Body Sports Acupuncture sees every individual as an integrated whole and as such each person is assessed completely to ascertain his or her unique treatment needs.


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“What I find special about James is not only his gentle and effective touch, it’s the confident way that he locates the exact site of the injury and begins the treatment immediately. He exudes true confidence in his therapy, he will tell you “it’s not me, it’s the therapy that works, and I’m just the facilitator”. After my treatments, I feel totally nourished in both body and spirit. He is a healer in every sense of the word.” – Margaret Mundy.