Smiling Body Herbal Tea

The most powerful Detox formula available in modern times


It is the preferred choice of celebrities and healthcare professionals and it is formulated only from 100% natural organic ingredients that have been part of this famous drink for centuries. It is a regular with famous celebrities detoxing tired bodies, while achieving a healthy weight and radiant glow. This natural tea is produced by using modern scientific processes and contains no caffeine. Teatox is a traditional herbal beverage used in China for generations. These teas were popular with those concerned with cleansing and digestion. We recommend that you follow a balanced dietary programme and the advice of your health care professional. Be sure to include plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, juices and pure water. Teatox works by improving your metabolism, reducing bloatedness, bowel cleansing, suppressing your appetite, detoxifying your body and elimination of excess fat. It harmonizes the needs of maintaining optimum health and losing extra weight. It makes an excellent herbal tea by regulating appetite as well as having a gentle diuresis and laxative effect.

Potent Metabolic Boosting Herbals

Ingredients: 100 % natural herbal mixture

Folium Nelumbinis 40%

Sweet Gynostenium Pentaplylla 20%

Flo Chrysanthemi Indici 20%

Jia Guo (pod) 10%

PuErh tea 10%

Directions: Use one tea bag each time, soaked in a ‘5 cup’ flask of hot boiling water, leave the tea bag to steep for 10 – 15 minutes before drinking. You may add one teaspoon of honey to sweeten. Do not use either sugar or artificial sweetener, which can change the composition of the tea, affecting efficiency.

Dosage: As directed, drink 5 cups of tea each day starting in the evening time. Approximately every 2 hours. If your body weight and size allow you may increase the dosage.

Used for : Weight Management Liver Cleanse Detox body of accumulated and stagnant chemicals.

Special Notice: The Teatox has a purging effect, so if you haven’t used these herbal formulas before “we suggest” that you start the course of treatment on a day when your off work or not traveling, Increased bowel movement may be experienced during the first few days of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take them with my medication? These are natural herbs, however because of their cleansing action, we advise taking them 2 hours after you take your regular medication. e.g. take medication at 8am, take Nutritionese Teatox at 10am.

Do you chlorine bleach your teabags? The Nutritionese teatox bags are oxygen bleached rather than chlorine bleached. Chlorine bleaching of paper, including tea bags, creates a dioxin chemical residue in the paper and waste water from the paper mill. Dioxin is a known potent carcinogen that we want to avoid.

Do you use recycled packaging material and is your packaging recyclable? Our containers are made of recycled paper and printed with biodegradable inks. Our paper tea envelopes and the brochure inserted into the tea are fully recyclable.

Are there any side effects? We have had reports that side effects such as skin spots, mild elevated mood can occur while on the Teatox. These were short lived and a natural sign of detoxification.

Caution Nutritionese teatox is not suitable for pregnant women or children under the age of 16 years. n under the age of 16 years.