Two types of Pain


Physical Pain

Its easy to acknowledge the pain we feel when someone steps on our toe, be it in a line or queue or standing on the train or bus. Ouch, it hurts right! You might blow off a little steam, let them know what they did or you might just scream! Maybe even let it pass with a stern look. Eventually the pain goes away and so does your bad mood. Thats the normal affect of physical pain.

Emotional Pain

What about when someone hurts our “feelings”, hurts us emotionally with an insult, a discourtesy, a strange look? The emotional hurt, when they don’t live up to our expectations. Why do we seem to hold on to this pain, this emotional pain. Why doers it seem so enduring. It seems its easier to let go the physical pain from the accident than it is to let go of the emotional pain.

Remember pain, physical or emotional is temporary and usually it goes away if we let it go within a reasonable time. Not being able to let this pain go can spoil more than your mood, it can spill over into your relationships too.

Next time someone says or does something that’s emotionally hurtful, try to forgive their carelessness, their ignorance,┬átheir selfishness.┬áThis doesn’t minimise or excuse what happened, but it does free YOU up when you respond constructively and then get on with life.