Tuina Confidence

There is a lot that can be said about the many modalities of massage, but my personal favourite is Tuina Chinese medical acupressure. Tuina (pronounced twee nah) falls under the category of Qi Gong acupressure which is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture, herbal therapy, dietary therapy and medical Qi Gong). Tuina literally means… Continue reading Tuina Confidence

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Influenza Soup

Here’s a really great soup to treat the colds and flues that seem to be so prevalent this year. Boil 10g yellow soybeans in water for 15 minutes; add 30g parsley and boil again for 15 minutes. Drink the soup and stay in bed to perspire. article.

5 Simple Tips to a Healthy Weight

Chinese Medicine Helps Achieve a Healthy Weight Traditional Chinese Medicine, dates back over 5000 years. Today, it is just as valid and useful in helping us achieve our health goals, and can help your journey towards a healthy weight. There are many medical research studies into the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a healthy… Continue reading 5 Simple Tips to a Healthy Weight

Smiling Body with Tofu

Tofu is a delicious healthy food made from soybean curds. It’s naturally low in calories and it’s gluten-free. It’s a superb source of protein, manganese, calcium, copper, selenium iron, and contains NO cholesterol. Soy is the primary constituent of tofu and is a complete source of dietary protein, providing all of the essential amino acids needed in… Continue reading Smiling Body with Tofu

Damp and Traditional Chinese Medical Nutrition

Nutritional Sheet for Damp & Phlegm According to the nutritional theory of  Traditional  Chinese  Medicine,  Dampness  and  Phlegm  are created  when  there is disharmony or dysfunction in digestion  and  fluid metabolism. Because of the intimate relationship between these Damp and Phlegm and the digestion, food is viewed as an important contributing factor in both cause… Continue reading Damp and Traditional Chinese Medical Nutrition

Two types of Pain

Physical Pain Its easy to acknowledge the pain we feel when someone steps on our toe, be it in a line or queue or standing on the train or bus. Ouch, it hurts right! You might blow off a little steam, let them know what they did or you might just scream! Maybe even let… Continue reading Two types of Pain