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Feeling Younger with Pomelo

I should qualify that statement to feeling younger with the “fragrance” of fresh pomelo, so you don’t even need to eat it, to gain its benefits. The latest research tells us that just the fragrance of pomelo can make us feel younger and more vital. I recommend eating the fruit Pomelo for your smiling body. This fruit which hails from south east Asia, is considered the ancestor of citrus fruits and it is available in Galway. On my early travels to Taiwan, I remember it as a huge grapefruit but without the sourness. It was also a custom to peel the skin carefully into a hat shape and wear it for fun in good company. The pomelo has many medicinal values not only in its citrusy flesh, but also the peel and leaves.

We have always known that aromatherapy can make us “feel” better but now the newest science reveals that many fragrances are good for wellbeing. The smell of lavender and orange makes us feel active, calmer, worry less and peaceful. And the smell of mint has been known to act as painkillers to relieve pain.

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