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Guided Meditations

These guided mediations are yours to use and download free. I developed them for my friends, clients and patients. If you know me you will know of my enthusiasm for meditation as a fantastic adjunct to any healthcare treatment. It is the perfect compliment to treatment. This is something we all can do for ourselves…


The Benefits of Mindful Meditation

There are many benefits to mindful meditation. Some people believe that it can be the difference between life and death. I would say it is the difference between happiness and despair. The following are a collection of benefits as recorded in scientific research papers that I have read. I do not believe that this list…


Mindfulness Meditation

  Smiling Body Mindful Meditation Life’s distractions, diversions and interruptions produce stress, anxiety, fear, worry and any other type of emotional pain and disharmony you can envisage. Regular practice of Smiling Body Mindfulness increases your ability to be mindful of living in the present, living in NOW, to enable you to clearly see what you…

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Talking Too Much

When we talk too much, people switch off and stop listening. Think carefully about what you need to communicate. Can you do it with fewer words? Speak less, engage others in the conversation and they’ll become more willing to listen. Be economical, be thrifty with words and you’ll communicate more effectively.