Preventing and Fighting Flu

Flu season arrives during the coldest months of the year and is never easy to cure. However, a few simple tips may help you keep the flu at bay.

Wash Your Hands

Most people know that washing their hands regularly is an important part of staying healthy. During the cold and flu season, this is even more important because flu viruses can live long enough on surfaces for you to pick them up on your hands. Wash your hands using warm water and soap and make sure to scrub gently. When water and soap are not available, you can always use sanitizers containing 60-90% ethyl alcohol.

Get Enough Sleep and Manage Your Stress

Lack of sleep and high levels of stress can reduce immune functions, thus lowering the body’s ability to fend off colds and flu.

Maintain a Moderate Exercise Program 3-4 Days a Week

Exercising for 15 minutes per day helps strengthen the immune system and increases the body’s natural ability to fight infection. That’s a 7 minute walk in either direction.

Keep a Healthy Diet

Remember to eat fruits and vegetables daily to ensure enough essential nutrient, vitamin, minerals intake.

Avoid Contact with Sick People

Colds and the flu spread between people in different ways. Try to stay far enough away from people who are already sick so they don’t cough or sneeze on you.

Flu Defeating Ginger Soup

This is my favorite way of dealing with colds and flu. Its best to start this treatment as soon as you feel those first signs such as tickly throat and sniffles. It uses the almost magical herb, Ginger which has been used for centuries to defeat invading pathogens. Recipe for Ginger Soup here.

Tuina Acupressure

You can stimulate these four immunity super booster points while you are healthy to improve and enhance your immune system. If you have a flu stop stimulating the Zu San Li (St-36) until after your Cold or Flu goes away.

More on these points.

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