Constipation Natural Remedies

An effective natural remedy for constipation is drinking a cup of hot water with sour lime juice and half a teaspoon of salt. If persistent drink only one cup per day.

Good results are recorded when the patient drinks water, first thing in the morning, after it has been kept overnight in a copper vessel.

Linseed is exceptionally useful in difficult cases of constipation. A teaspoon of linseed swallowed with water before each meal provides both bulk and lubrication.

In all ordinary cases of constipation, an exclusive fruit diet for about seven days would be the best way to begin the treatment.

For long-standing and stubborn cases, it should be advisable to have a short fast for four or five days. This will drive out the packed contents of the bowels, eliminate toxins and purify the blood stream. Weak patients may take orange juice during the period of fasting. After the all-fruit diet or the short fast, as the case may be, the patient should gradually embark upon a balanced diet comprising adequate lightly cooked foods, ripe fruits and whole grain cereals.

In some cases, further short periods on fruits or short fasts may be necessary at intervals of two months or so, depending on the progress being made. The bowels can be cleansed daily through a warm water enema for a few days at the commencement of treatment.

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