When it comes to Smoking, quitters are Winners

Before you contact me for an appointment please read the following.

The Quit Day: Pick a day at the start of the week. When you make an appointment with me I will ask you to pick a day when you want to quit. Choose a day that has some special meaning for you e.g. birthday, anniversary, work quit smoking day, children’s special occasion.

Booking the Day: Now call me to book your day. I’ll ask you to have your last smoke at 12 midnight the night before your treatment. I’ll book you in between 9am and 12pm the next day.

You have just taken the most important step towards optimal good health.

Support Person – The decision to quit smoking can elicit uncomfortable emotions. Ask someone who is available to you in the next few weeks to act as a sounding board and provide encouragement when needed.

Affirmation – an affirmation is a positive statement repeated often to create desired changes in your life. Repeating the affirmation helps not only to remind you why you are no longer smoking but imprints a new image of health so that the body can then produce health. Examples: “I am a non-smoker, I make healthy choices in my life”.

Setting Boundaries – set up contracts with other smokers to refrain from smoking in your presence. This includes spouses. When possible stay away from smokers until you feel more confident with your nonsmoking health status.

Drink Water – research shows that dryness causes cravings. Sip water frequently throughout the day. Get a water sipping bottle and carry it with you.

Coffee – Refrain from drinking Coffee – research shows that coffee causes cravings and dehydrates the body.

Food Choices – eat a lot of carrots, celery and other vegetables throughout the next few days. Sweet things upset the blood sugar level, which can aggravate smoking withdrawal symptoms. Artificial sweeteners are sweeter than sugar and cause further cravings.

Managing Cravings – cravings feel like it will last forever but actually fade in two minutes. Plan what you will do during a craving. Examples: take your vegetables, repeat your affirmation, breath deeply, walk to another place, sing a song, dance, call your support person.

Breathing – your breathing is an essential part of relaxing your body totally. Breathe into the lower abdomen, pulling down the diaphragm, pushing out the tummy. You will find that as your lungs Detox, you will experience light-headedness as more oxygen reaches blood and brain. This is perfectly natural and balance out over a few days.

Meditation – I’m a firm believer and promoter of meditation for overall health and this simple sitting and breathing exercise will certainly help with quitting and save you financially in the long run. Try these free guided meditations at this link. Click here.

Smiling Body Clinic Acupuncture – Go here for more information on what a session involves. Click Here.

Success Statistic’s – make it through the 1st. 24 hours smoke free, and you have a 90% chance of success.

Extra’s – Take extra showers or baths and treat yourself to a massage

Now you Relax naturally and enjoy your good health!

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