Smiling Body with Tofu

Tofu is a delicious healthy food made from soybean curds. It’s naturally low in calories and it’s gluten-free. It’s a superb source of protein, manganese, calcium, copper, selenium iron, and contains NO cholesterol. Soy is the primary constituent of tofu and is a complete source of dietary protein, providing all of the essential amino acids needed in… Continue reading Smiling Body with Tofu

Cleansing Nettle Soup

Nettles are an amazingly healing plant! Are a wild and free super-healthy food that grows abundantly during its season.  Considered the “seaweed of the land,” because of its high mineral content, calcium, magnesium, iron, silica, iodine, and potassium. Ingredients: ½ colander of nettles. (When picking nettles, only select fresh healthy young leaves and tops) 1… Continue reading Cleansing Nettle Soup

Ginger Soup

An excellent Tonic for Colds and Flu Ingredients: Clump of fresh ginger as in picture 2 litres of water Rock sugar or honey (to sweeten) Simple Instructions: Release all its natural strength of your ginger by grating or you can break fibres of ginger with a kitchen mallet or rolling pin. Place in a medium… Continue reading Ginger Soup

Chicken Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth Every kitchen, should have a good old fashioned reliable stock or broth in the kitchen. Especially when made from free range organic meat, bones, vegetables and herbs. A constant replenishment of our constitution that is stressed during modern living and to keep the body’s strength and immunity nourished. This wholesome broth provides… Continue reading Chicken Bone Broth