Zen Meditation

Zen Relaxation The most powerful relaxation method (according to me). What you need. A warm room A quiet room Your Zen Cushion: 2 tennis balls in a sock. Somewhere reasonably soft to lie down. A yoga mat will do! Your bed or couch will NOT do. Soft relaxing Music, preferable without words or memories The… Continue reading Zen Meditation

Mindful Meditation

I have developed this 10 minute meditation for my patients, client and friends, who usually lead busy and full lifestyles. If you are visiting here from outside my clinic area, you are welcome to use this meditation and if you find it useful, please let me know. Message me Setting the mood: This meditation can be enjoyed… Continue reading Mindful Meditation

Monkeys and Racing Minds

This week I went to the wildlife park on my own without children, grandchildren or significant other. I usually go to visit the monkeys first as I’m a “Monkey” in the Chinese astrology chart, according to my birth date. I sat in front of them and watch their antics. I don’t like to eat food… Continue reading Monkeys and Racing Minds

Mountain Meditation

Mountain Meditation This 16 minute meditation is based on the Mountain Mediation by Jon Kabat Zinn. It is designed to encourage stability, poise and balance not only during your sitting but also in normal life. Positive psychology tells us that this type of meditation is excellent for changing negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves into… Continue reading Mountain Meditation

Intentions Meditation

What are my intentions? “What do i want to get from my Mindfulness”. This short visualization mediation is designed to encourage us to relax deeply in order to ask the question: “What do I want to achieve from my meditation”. Most times when we ask such questions when we are relaxed, we receive answers that… Continue reading Intentions Meditation