Two types of Pain

Physical Pain Its easy to acknowledge the pain we feel when someone steps on our toe, be it in a line or queue or standing on the train or bus. Ouch, it hurts right! You might blow off a little steam, let them know what they did or you might just scream! Maybe even let… Continue reading Two types of Pain

What is Tuina

Origin Tuina (pronounced tway-na), and An Mo represent different aspects of Chinese massage or acupressure, which like all forms of┬áChinese┬áMedicine, trace its origins back to the Huang Di Neijing – the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine from 2300B.C. Actually, the practice of Tuina dates back to the Shang Dynasty of China, 1700 B.C. Oracle… Continue reading What is Tuina

Corporate Price List

I realise that health and safety budgets can be stressful too! Developing a custom programme could run into unreasonable fees. I have designed three seriously effective and engaging programmes that can be delivered at your instructions. Option: Seminar Talk This lecture style talk covering topics that informs, as well as influences the audience attitude towards… Continue reading Corporate Price List

Mindful Stress Management Corporate

Cultivating Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace Modern workplaces and adapting to changing business environment can sometimes leave our staff feeling overwhelmed, lacking focus and inability to concentrate. Employee wellbeing is the cornerstone of a happy work environment which results in a healthy bottom line, according to recent research. “There is clear evidence that the promotion… Continue reading Mindful Stress Management Corporate