Balance Your Smiling Body


You’re Smiling Body is in harmony and when combined with a healthy lifestyle results in Optimum Health.

What benefits may I experience from my acupuncture treatments?

  • Increased vitality, energy and creativity
  • Increased capacity for work and recreational activities
  • Stronger immune system
  • Stronger resistance to colds and flu
  • Better memory
  • Improved quality of sleep and digestion
  • Physical and emotional balance
  • Greater fluidity of movement
  • Look younger and feel better
  • Reduction or elimination of pain.
  • Healthy Weight

The treatment can be as simple as one treatment but usually it is based on a continuous course of assessments, treatments, nutritional and lifestyle plans and advice, which reflect your present health status. The Smiling Body treatment is offered on a one-to-one comprehensive consultation to help you achieve your personal health goals in an easy and sustainable way.

10 Best Reasons to Try Acupuncture

Prevention and Regeneration are the two key mechanisms of medicine of the future. Developing this concept, James has designed a number of individualised holistic programmes to help you attain optimum health through prevention and regeneration.

The process of regeneration begins with a proper detoxification and purification of your body, which aids the body’s own healing ability. Detoxification does not mean starvation, it strengthens and stimulates a health homeostatic balance. Health, beauty, vitality and a positive outlook are firmly linked to this process.

Smiling Body supports and accelerates the regeneration of body and spirit through correct nutrition, specific medical treatments, total relaxation, exercise and an optimistic view of life. Galway Acupuncture

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